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christmas cake

Christmas Cake

This Christmas Cake Recipe is from Nana Ling’s handwritten collection and dated 5 December 1941. It’s a little slice of history and – today – a cake to make your …

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coconut ice coloured white and pink stacked on cake plate

Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice is the pretty sweet we fell in love with at fetes and school stalls all those years ago. Today, biting into the lovely layers of pink and white …

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mango pudding

Mango Pudding

This chilled mango pudding is made with tapioca pearls and fresh mango. Topped with coconut cream, berries and mint, it’s the perfect end (or start) to a summer day. Mangoes: …

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rum balls made with weetbix

Rum Balls

These rum balls are made with good ol’ Aussie Weetbix. (If you don’t have weetbix in your country (or cupboard), don’t fear. You can use 140 grams of a wheat …

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pavlova recipe


It’s the wonderful dessert that both Australians and New Zealanders call their own. This easy pavlova recipe creates pav perfection, with a smooth and fluffy marshmallow centre encased in a …

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