Nana  Ling's  Tomato Sauce


“I have never left a recipe review before, but I had to tell you that your sauce is a huge hit here in the Midwest/USA!.”

- Cindy, USA

"I’m on my fourth batch of this recipe now. We’ve had a glut of Roma tomatoes. We love it! So does the extended family.  - Greg

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"It’s the absolute bomb and I will never buy tomato sauce again." - Katinka

Oh my gaaawd Libby this sauce is soooo delicious, I doubled the recipe with the intent to give some away to relo’s etc. but when I tasted it I realised that nobody was going to get any! - Julie


What's the secret to this very special sauce?


Handwritten by my great grandmother, Nana Ling 

An 80-year-old recipe

Tested and updated  for modern kitchens

Nana Ling's  Tomato Sauce