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jelly slice sitting on timber board

Jelly Slice

This fun and colourful no-bake Jelly Slice is as delicious as it looks, with a buttery biscuit base, lemon and condensed milk filling and – of course – the sweet …

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coconut ice coloured white and pink stacked on cake plate

Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice is the pretty sweet we fell in love with at fetes and school stalls all those years ago. Today, biting into the lovely layers of pink and white …

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weetbix slice

Weetbix Slice

Weetbix Slice is one of those slices that’s great to pop into lunch boxes or enjoy as a sneaky snack. It’s also one that’ll quickly become a family favourite – …

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caramel slice

Caramel Slice

This easy Caramel Slice recipe combines three wonderful layers: a buttery biscuit base, a rich baked caramel in the middle and a smooth milk chocolate topping. The recipe has been …

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