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Pomegranate Recipes: 20 ways to enjoy this ruby red fruit

Looking for pomegranate recipes? Here, you’ll find 20 of my favourites to help you get creative during pomegranate season.

But first.

What are pomegranates?

Pomegranates are a fruit, and have been cultivated for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Central Asia. Today, pomegranates are grown in many regions of the world with warm, dry climates, including here in Australia.

The pomegranate is a symbol of vitality, rich in antioxidants and prized for its medicinal qualities. The deep red seeds, bursting with juice that’s both sweet and tart, can be eaten or juiced. They seeds and juice are also used in many recipes.

And if you’re unsure how to cut open a pomegranate to get to these lovely seeds, I have step by step instructions to cut open a pomegranate – minus the mess – right here.

Okay, let’s get to those 20 best pomegranate recipes.

Drinks, cordials and syrups

pomegranate juice 1

1. Pomegranate Juice

Make refreshing pomegranate in three steps:

  • whizz the seeds in blender
  • put it through a sieve to extract the juice.

2. Pomegranate Spritzer

Take simple pomegranate juice to the next level with this festive pomegranate spritzer.

This lovely drink doesn’t contain any added sugars and is perfect for parties.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate spritzer
pomegranate cordial in bottle with drink using cordial.

3. Pomegranate Cordial

Preserve the wonderful flavours of pomegranate by making this cordial.

Made with fresh pomegranate juice and just three other ingredients, it’s perfect in drinks, cocktails and desserts.

Get the recipe here.

4. Pomegranate Ginger Tea

A warm, fruity and caffeine-free cuppa.

This lovely pomegranate and ginger tea is packed with health benefits and can be made in minutes.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate tea
pomegranate punch

5. Pomegranate Punch

Get the party started with this pomegranate punch.

With both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version, this recipe is perfect for any occasion.

Get the recipe here.

6. Pomegranate Milkshake

Make this very attractive milkshake with just two ingredients!

The perfect combination of sweet and tangy in milkshake form!

Get the recipe here.

pomegramate milkshake

Salads and Sides

butternut and pomegranate

7. Roasted Butternut with Cheese and Pomegranate

Packed with so much nutrition and delicious flavours, this colourful side dish is sure to be popular with the whole family.

Get the recipe here.

8. Winter Salad with Pomegranate

A colourful and nutritious salad to enjoy when pomegranates are in season.

With pears, apples, bacon, and a poppy seed dressing, as well as those delicious pomegranate seeds, this salad can be made into a meal.

Get the recipe here.

winter salad with pomegranate
pomegranate salsa

9. Pomegranate Salsa

Served with tortilla chips, this pomegranate salsa is perfect for parties and will win you lots of compliments.

You’ll need 2 cups of pomegranate seeds and a handful of other ingredients to make this dish.

Get the recipe here.

10. Roasted Carrots with Pomegranate

Autumn produce, colours and flavours are showcased in this beautiful side dish.

With spices, sweet maple syrup and tangy pomegranate molasses, carrots have never tasted so good.

Get the recipe here.

carrot and pomegranate salad
brussel sprout and pomegranate salad.

11. Brussel Sprout Slaw with Pomegranate

Another gorgeous winter salad, with brussel sprouts being the star here.

Also incorporating apples, pecans and – of course – pomegranate arils, it’s dressed with a sharp vinaigrette.

Get the recipe here.


12. Pomegranate Caramels

What a treat! The sweet and tangy loveliness of pomegranate captured in a chewy lolly.

Made from pomegranate juice, butter, sugar and a few other ingredients, these would also make a perfect gift.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate caramels
pomegranate panna cotta

13. Pomegranate Panna Cotta

These striking desserts combine pomegranate season with the deliciously smooth and creamy Italian dessert, panna cotta.

Get the recipe here.

14. Pomegranate Cake

A pretty and delicious cake, that calls for pomegranate juice and seeds.

Also made with almond meal and flavoured with rosewater and cardamom, it’s the perfect cake for a special occasion.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate cake
pomegranate upside down cake

15. Pomegranate Upside Down Cake

A pomegranate inspired take on the old fashioned upside down cake, this cake is packed with pomegranate seeds – just like the fruit itself.

Get the recipe here.

16. Pomegranate and Cranberry Christmas Trifle

Christmas is also pomegranate season in the northern hemisphere, but here in Australia this dessert would be perfect for our Christmas in July celebration, with pomegranates still plentiful in winter.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate christmas trifle

Dressings and Condiments

pomegranate jelly

17. Pomegranate Jelly

Turn your pomegranates into a jelly that you could use on toast, sandwiches, a cheese platter and more with this old-fashioned recipe.

From The Land newspaper, 12 June 1931, it promises success with easy-to-follow instructions.

18. Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Liven up your cool weather salads by adding this quick, easy and pomegranate dressing.

It keeps in the fridge for 2 weeks and is gluten-free and vegan-free.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate vinaigrette
pomegranate molasses

19. Pomegranate Molasses

Popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, pomegranate molasses is used to add a unique depth of flavour to meat marinades, stews, and salads.

Get the recipe here.

20. Pomegranate Compote

A simple yet delicious way to enjoy the unique flavour of this exotic fruit.

Serve pomegranate compote warm or chilled. It’s great as an accompaniment to ice cream, yogurt, waffles or pancakes.

Get the recipe here.

pomegranate compote

I hope these 20 recipes inspire you to cook more with this wonderful fruit.

Do you know another great pomegranate recipe or way to enjoy pomegranates that isn’t listed here?

Add your idea or pomegranate recipes in the comments below!

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Wednesday 26th of April 2023

This is an absolutely gorgeous collection! I adore pomegranates, so this is just perfect!

Libby Hakim

Thursday 27th of April 2023

Thanks, Shelley! Pomegranates are wonderful and nice to have some different options to get creative with them!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.